Title:  Learning IONJava

This website was created as part of a summer REU program. It is still under development, so there are sections of it that may not work, such as the Guided Tour. If you believe that you have encountered a bug, please e-mail us. Thank you.

This web site is designed to allow you to generate data while on-line using the Clemson Nucleosynthesis Code. Once the data is generated, you will be able to graph it in a variety of ways or to save it to your local disk.

There are two ways to generate the code. The first is recommended for users who are unfamiliar with this site or who want to run relatively simple simulations. It is called the "Guided Tour," and will present you with a step-by-step process to running the simulation.

The second is the "All-in-One," and is recommended for more complex simulations or where customization is necessary. It presents one page with all the input parameters available.

Guided Tour

This is the main page. From it, you can select two ways of generating the data:

Guided Tour: Provides step-by-step questions in order to generate the simulation data.

All-in-One: Provides one page of applets which will allow the user to customize the simulation data more completely.

Compatibility Information

If you wish to bookmark this site, this is what should be bookmarked, for subsequent pages rely upon temporary files which will change from session-to-session.

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